Learner Charter

Mission Statement

Our objective is to enable each of our Learners to attain their potential in not only achieving their highest possible pass marks, but also be able to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to play their part in creating a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

Learner Oriented Focus

Our philosophy is to put the Learner and the needs of the Learner first and foremost in all our endeavours.

This manifests from the initial enquiry by a Learner, where clear and concise information is supplied, to enable the Learner to make correct informed choices, followed by support through the whole learning process to parchment delivery.

Our Undertaking to the Learner

We undertake to ensure all learners understand fully what is expected from them during their learning experience, and what they can expect from us as their learning provider.

Provision of an environment most conducive to the learning process that we can achieve, with continuous reviews and enhancements to ensure we are meeting our objectives and Learner expectations.

We positively seek out and encourage Learner feedback of any nature, which is reviewed and duly acted upon.

Ensuring our Tutors are amply qualified to teach the intended course.

No more than 16 Learners per Tutor. This is to ensure sufficient individual time is available to enable each Learner to receive optimal personal guided learning hours.

 Ensuring our Tutors are passionate about teaching and are committed to making sure that our Learners are able to achieve learning potential while under their guidance.

Ensuring our Tutors treat each Learner as an individual and where possible and appropriate, provide the necessary individual time to ensure that their learning potential, while on our courses, can be achieved.

Ensuring our Tutors have direct works experience to support the courses they are teaching. Our tutors must have worked within the environment of the course subject matter and must have faced the same or similar workplace challenges as their Learners. This is to ensure that practical and direct workplace knowledge by our Tutors enables them to empathise with the problems Learners face when attempting to implement positive changes within the workplace.

Each Learner will have their Prior Learning knowledge (as appropriate to the taught course) assessed. This assessment will be reviewed by our Tutors to ensure that their learning environment, where appropriate, is modified and directed, based on this assessment.

We will ensure that our training materials are accurate and up-to-date, and learners are aware of all of the facilities and information sources available to them.

We will create a learning environment that engages and encourages learners to become involved in their course and interact in a way that will improve their learning experience.

Each Learner will have the opportunity to discuss their specific needs with us and where appropriate and possible, we will ensure that their needs are taken into consideration. These needs include learning difficulties, cultural imperatives, physical disabilities, religious beliefs, gender orientation and any other reasonable requests based on individual requirements.

We firmly believe in and promote equality in all aspects of life. We undertake to ensure all Learners are treated with the same respect and dignity irrespective of race, creed, colour, gender, religious beliefs and abilities. Our Equality and Discrimination policies reflect this commitment. 


We undertake to ensure that all of our standards are geared to meet if not exceed Learner expectation, with all of our standards subject to continuous review and enhancement.

Terms and conditions

Are fully and clearly set out and posted on our Website www.ncskills.co.uk.

These terms and conditions include our examination re-sit, refund and deferment policies, which are aimed to be as fair and supportive to our Learners as possible.

What We Expect from our Learners

A willingness to participate actively in the Learning environment, sharing responsibility for your development as an independent learner. 

That you make the most of the opportunities for academic and personal development.

That you become an active member of our learning community, participating in your course and attending your classes.

That you submit your work on time and ensure that it is your own.

That you remain informed by using information that we will provide you with such as course handbooks, regulations and timetables.

A willingness to reflect on your learning progress, seeking advice and support where necessary and keeping us informed of circumstances that might affect your ability to perform at your best.

That you will help us to continue to improve by providing feedback through evaluation processes.


What to do if you have a complaint:

If you are not happy with any any product or service we provide or provided by NEBOSH and would like to raise your concern, and  /or complain, then please read the complaints procedure below:

Complaints Procedure – Click Here