NEBOSH Exams Glasgow

Welcome to our NEBOSH exams page.

If you are interested in re-sitting our exam as an NC Skills student or external student the please read this page.

We hold a number of NEBOSH National General Certificate examinations in Glasgow every year. These include both the NEBOSH Standard date exams and NEBOSH On-Demand exams.

Our exams are held at the following venue: Bellahouston Business Centre, 423 Paisley Road west, Glasgow, G51 1PZ

Our exam dates for 2017 so far are as follows:

  • August 26th (2017)
  • 16th September (2017)
  • 07th October (2017)
  • 04th November (2017)
  • 25th November (2017)
  • 16th December (2017)

Please give us 3 weeks notice before the exam date so we can get you booked in before the NEBOSH examination closing deadline.

If you are looking to book and exam and you have NOT studied with NC Skills as a student please go to Section 1.

If you have studied with NC Skills before and are wishing to re-sit your exam please go to Section 2 below.


Sections 1:

To book your exam as an external student you must:

  • Provide evidence that you have studied the course with another course provider within the last 5 years.
  • Provide you NEBOSH student number (if you have one).
  • Scan or take a photo of your Identification and send it to us by email.

To book your exam please click the payment link below and pay. Then email us on to inform us that you have paid and what exam you would like to book onto.

No VAT to add to the prices

  • NGC1: £120.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

  • GC2: £110.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

  • GC3: £75.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

  • NGC1 & GC2: £220.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

  • NGC1 & GC3: £190.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

  • GC2 & GC3: £180.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

  • NGC1, GC2 & GC3: £270.00 – To book click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below

Our costs are slightly higher as we choose our own exam dates (On-Demand Exams) through NEBOSH therefore we pay NEBOSH higher examination fees.


Section 2:

For existing NC Skills students wishing to re-sit exams please contact us on The cost for existing students to re-sit is as follows:

  • NGC1: £100.00
  • GC2: £100.00
  • GC3: £60.00

Update: Please note that if you do not have a suitable workplace to conduct your practical assessment (Unit GC3) we can arrange this through a 3rd party premises. Please note there will be an extra £15.00 charge as we have to pay £15.00 per person to the 3rd party premises for them to allow you to use their premises for the practical inspection.